2022 Best Picture Oscar Nominees: Ranked By Running Time

The 94th Oscars Best Picture lineup is only the 12th ever and the first since 2011 to consist of an even 10 films. Included among them are one of the 10 shortest nominees since the turn of the century, as well as six of the 20 longest films nominated in the past decade. 82 minutes separate the longest and shortest films in the bunch, and they all have a running time average of 139 minutes, which is 14 minutes higher than the category’s all-time average.

The current crop of Best Picture contenders have a total of 60 nominations among them covering 17 of the 23 categories. Last year’s lineup of eight amassed a total of 51 across 16 categories. Those films ranged in length from 97 to 131 minutes and had an average running time of 118 minutes. The victory of 108-minute-long “Nomadland” marked the fifth time in a decade that the year’s second shortest film was chosen as the winner. The ones that preceded it were “Green Book” (2019, 130 minutes), “Moonlight” (2017, 111 minutes), “Argo” (2013, 120 minutes), and “The Artist (2012, 100 minutes).

Check out our gallery listing this year’s 10 Best Picture nominees from shortest to longest to find out which film is in that lucky second spot, and tune into ABC on March 27 to see which one takes the gold.