‘American Horror Story’ seasons ranked worst to best

“American Horror Story” has been a part of our lives since it originally premiered on FX in 2011. Over the years the horror anthology series has tackled everything from ghosts and monsters to witches and demons, with varying degrees of success. Indeed, while many of the individual “AHS” seasons blew us away in terms of scope and execution, others failed to live up to their spooky potential. Scroll through our photos below to see all of the “American Horror Story” seasons ranked worst to best.

While no cast members have appeared in every cycle, both Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters have come the closest, just skipping out on “1984.” In terms of the Emmys, the franchise has picked up 16 total trophies over the past decade including for actors Jessica Lange (“Murder House” & “Coven”), James Cromwell (“Asylum”) and Kathy Bates (“Coven”). Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk created “American Horror Story” and have produced all 100+ episodes.