‘American Idol’ comeback contestants: Which 10 artists from Season 18 are crashing Season 19?

Twist alert! During the April 12, 2021 episode of “American Idol” Season 19, host Ryan Seacrest sent shockwaves through “Idol” nation when he announced the “biggest shakeup” in the show’s 20-year history. “Since they didn’t get their moment last year [due to the Covid-19 pandemic], we’re inviting 10 finalists back from last season to finally perform on the big stage,” he revealed. “You get to vote one of them into this season’s competition. Great, right?” Umm, that’s to be determined.

Mark your calendars for Monday, April 19, as that’s when the former artists will come out of quarantine to crash ABC’s reality TV show. The winner of the audience vote will join Season 19’s Top 9 singers (which will be revealed on April 18) to create what Seacrest calls the most “unique Top 10 we have ever had.” Scroll down for a refresher on these 10 “American Idol” comeback contestants.