Anthony Hopkins: How long was each of his Oscar-nominated performances?

When Anthony Hopkins received an Oscar nomination for “The Father” last month, he forged a new path as the first man over 80 to ever compete for Best Actor. He is also the first person to be the oldest nominated actor of four different years, after holding the title in 1994, 1996, and 2020. The six-time nominee has been making academy history since his first outing 29 years ago, when his lead acting victory helped “The Silence of the Lambs” become the third and most recent film to win the Big Five Oscars. He holds the record for lowest screen time percentage among all Best Actor winners, and the brevity of his role remains a topic of great discussion.

Over the past three decades, Hopkins has amassed four lead and two supporting bids. In terms of screen time, the starring roles for which he has been recognized have an average length of one hour, 13 minutes, and 51 seconds (or 53.42% of the respective films). His pair of nominated secondary turns average out to 41 minutes and 32 seconds (or 30.93%). Although his screen time has certainly never been the deciding factor for voters, it is worth noting whether or not the sizes of his roles have aligned with voting trends.

Check out our gallery and screen time analysis of Hopkins’s six Oscar-nominated performances, and be sure to tune in to the 93rd Academy Awards, airing Sunday, April 25 on ABC.