Barbra Streisand movies: All 19 films ranked from worst to best

Barbra Streisand has found success as a top recording artist, a Broadway performer, on concert stages and on film as an actress, producer, writer, composer and a pioneering female director.

Streisand longed for success in show business from a young age. The problem was she just didn’t quite no where her talents were. After seeing the Broadway production of “The Diary of Anne Frank” starring Susan Strasberg, she became inspired to be an actress because she saw another young Jewish girl doing that. After high school she moved to Manhattan and pounded the pavement desperately auditioning for any acting role she could find. She was not very successful in her auditions so she decided to try singing which she had received praise for her as a child.

Cis Corman, who was then Streisand’s neighbor and would later become a producer and hold various other jobs on Streisand films, described in a recent biography that she one day barged into Corman’s apartment saying she thinks she’s going to be a singer now. Corman’s husband then asked Streisand to sing and they’ll tell her if she was any good. Streisand was too shy to do it in person so instead she went into another room and sang there while the Corman’s listened outside. They were stunned by the incredible singing voice they heard coming from their dining room.

By the time she was 20, Streisand scored her first featured role in a Broadway show and quickly started having hit records. The musical “Funny Girl” would launch her to even bigger stardom and she would win a Best Actress Oscar for the film version. She would also win a second Oscar for composing the music to the 1976 Best Original Song winner “Evergreen” from “A Star is Born” as well as four Emmys for her television specials and eight Grammys for her recording work. Streisand holds a rare distinction in winning an Oscar for her first film, an Emmy for her first television special and multiple Grammys for her first album.

We’ve compiled a photo gallery of all 19 film performances in her career, ranked from worst to best. The rankings only consider her work as an actress and not for directing, etc.