Top 20 Greatest Living Actresses Never Nominated for an Oscar

Actress Scarlett Johansson has finally escaped this long-running photo gallery of the greatest living actresses to never receive an Oscar nomination. And she did it in grand style by picking up two for her 2019 films “Marriage Story” and “Jojo Rabbit.”

Unfortunately, our list contains 20 slots so we must add someone to take her place. That slot now belongs to Jennifer Lopez, who just missed out with Academy voters for her role in “Hustlers,” which brought her Golden Globe and SAG Awards nominations.

Also in our photo gallery, we include Emily Blunt, who won her first SAG Award in 2019 but also still couldn’t gain attention from Oscar voters. She took home the trophy in the supporting category for “A Quiet Place” but also had a potential bid as a lead actress for “Mary Poppins Returns.”

In 2014, “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston looked like a lock to receive her first Academy Award nomination for “Cake,” following citations at the Golden Globes, SAG, and Broadcast Film Critics. Yet on Oscar morning, the Emmy-winner was left out. Aniston’s “Friends” costar and fellow Emmy-victor Lisa Kudrow found herself in a similar situation when she received an Independent Spirit Awards nomination for “The Opposite of Sex” yet came up short at the Oscars.

Other actresses who haven’t been able to parlay their multiple Golden Globe nominations into Oscar bids, including Mia Farrow (“The Purple Rose of Cairo”), Maria Bello (“A History of Violence”), Andie MacDowell (“Sex, Lies, and Videotape”), Meg Ryan (“When Harry Met Sally”), Cameron Diaz (“Being John Malkovich”) and more.

Who else will you find in our photo gallery. Take a tour of these 20 women, listed alphabetically.