Bing Crosby movies: 12 greatest films ranked from worst to best

The legendary Bing Crosby was born on May 3, 1903. Der Bingle was not only one of the most popular vocalists of all time, but he was a hit on the radio as well as being quite an accomplished actor, earning a Best Actor Oscar for his performance in 1944’s “Going My Way,” one of his three Oscar nominations. Crosby also earned a Golden Globe nom for 1951’s “Here Comes the Groom” and was named Best Actor for “The Country Girl” (1954) from the National Board of Review.

As an actor, Crosby proved himself to be extremely versatile, from starring in musicals (of course), but also dramas, romantic comedies and even a Western (1966’s “Stagecoach”). For 15 years, he was the among the Top 10 acts in box office, and from 1944-1948, Crosby was actually number one. During the course of his recording career, Crosby charted 396 singles and had 25 songs that reached number one. After winning the Oscar for his performance as Rev. Chuck O’Malley in “Going My Way,” Crosby returned as O’Malley in 1945’s “The Bells of St. Mary’s” and earned an Oscar nomination again, becoming the first of six actors in history who received two different Oscar nominations for playing the same character.

So let’s raise a glass to the great Bing Crosby, ranking his 12 best screen performances. Our photo gallery above includes the titles already mentioned, plus “Holiday Inn,” the “Road” movies with Bob Hope and more.