Cher movies: 15 greatest films ranked from worst to best

Rock stars wanting to be actors and vice versa are a common phenomenon in Hollywood. No one quite managed to pull off the transition with the success of Cher, who remains the only rock icon to manage to not only make a successful transition to acting but also to win an Oscar for acting and not composing.

It wasn’t an easy transition though. Cher paired with husband Sonny Bono in her teens to become the duo simply known as Sonny and Cher. After a string of hit records, the duo launched a successful television variety show where Cher was able to hone her acting and comedic skills as she appeared in various sketches. Her marriage to Sonny would end in divorce, and Cher struggled to transition in to acting. Upon receipt of a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for “Silkwood,” Cher thanked all the Hollywood moguls who would never give her a job.

It wasn’t until Cher was nearly 40, that things suddenly fell into place for her as an actor. She took a break from her Las Vegas singing career to take a role in a Broadway play called “Come Back to the 5 and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean” for director Robert Altman. The play flopped but a film version of it released in 1982 didn’t, and Cher’s acting career was launched.

The next five years were a fruitful time for her and she gave a number of acclaimed performances often winning major awards for them. By the time 1987 rolled around, her Oscar narrative was just too delectable for Academy voters to ignore. She had three major films released that year culminating in the highly praised “Moonstruck.” The story of how someone who was at times considered a bit of an industry joke but became a serious actress was too hard to ignore, and Academy members voted her the Oscar for Best Actress of 1987, beating her good friend Meryl Streep.

In recent years, Cher’s film appearances have been sporadic. Aside from a few cameos in films where she played herself, she has graced movie screens only 15 times. Tour our photo gallery as we rank all of these films from worst to best.