Best foreign language films of 2023 that didn’t make Oscar shortlist

If one’s diet of international cinema were to consist only of Oscar-shortlisted titles, they would be missing out on some of the best of what filmmakers around the world have to offer. That’s not a knock at the academy’s taste. After all, it can only consider one submission per country. Nevertheless, this system of selecting nominees could use a facelift, if not to acknowledge the increasing prominence of multinational films then to at least shed light on suppressed art like Jafar Panahi’s “No Bears.”

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This year, 15 movies were selected from 92 submissions to compete for Best International Feature:

Argentina, “Argentina, 1985”
Austria, “Corsage”
Belgium, “Close”
Cambodia, “Return to Seoul”
Denmark, “Holy Spider”
France, “Saint Omer”
Germany, “All Quiet on the Western Front”
India, “Last Film Show”
Ireland, “The Quiet Girl”
Mexico, “Bardo, False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths”
Morocco, “The Blue Caftan”
Pakistan, “Joyland”
Poland, “EO”
South Korea, “Decision to Leave”
Sweden, “Cairo Conspiracy”

Even though we knew “RRR” and “Broker” couldn’t be shortlisted, it was still disappointing not to see Spain’s “Alcarràs” and Ukraine’s “Klondike” among the 15 finalists. Much will be written in the coming weeks about these contenders before Oscar nominations voting ends on January 17, so let’s instead highlight 11 titles which are not in the race for Best International Feature but that still make for worthwhile viewing.