Scarlett Johansson movies: 12 greatest films ranked from worst to best

After a distinguished film career that began at age 10, Scarlett Johansson finally became an Academy Award nominee, earning a Best Actress nomination for her performance in “Marriage Story,” as well as being nominated as Best Supporting Actress for “Jojo Rabbit.” (Johansson is only the 12th actor in Oscar history to manage that feat.) But don’t feel too sorry for her: since 2018, she has reigned as the world’s highest-paid actress, and, with her films having grossed $14.3 billion worldwide, she is the third highest-grossing box-office star of all time.

Her tally of awards and nominations also make an argument for her being one of the best actresses of her generation. Johansson has been nominated for five Golden Globe Awards, three SAG Awards and has won a BAFTA Award from four nominations. (And she is nominated for all three of those awards this year.) But her acting prowess is not just limited to films. In 2010, she made her Broadway debut in a revival of Arthur Miller’s “A View From the Bridge,” and, first time out, she not only was nominated for a Tony Award, but she won it.

Johansson’s biggest box-office success has been her role as Natasha Romanoff (aka Black Widow) in eight Marvel films for “The Avengers,” plus her own “Black Widow” feature. Let’s raise a glass and toast the great lady with a photo gallery tour of ranking her 12 best films from worst to best.