40 best TV mothers; greatest moms ranked

It’s that time of year again that we celebrate the ladies who brought us into this world, raised us and inspired us to be the people we have become. It seems all the more significant during this time in which moms have been spending a lot more time with their kiddos.

It would be interesting to see how some of our favorite tv moms would have handled quarantine, or if some kids would actually be “safer at home” with some of these moms. It’s quite likely that if Malcolm and his brothers didn’t blow the house up out of sheer boredom, Lois’s screaming would have brought the place down. It’s doubtful that Marie Barone could have maintained social distancing, and not popped over to criticize Debra’s latest meal or endeavor while continuing to spoil Raymond. But then, the June Cleavers, Harriet Nelsons and Margaret Andersons would likely put us all to shame with their always immaculate homes and home-cooked meals.

Many of these moms are traditional women we grew up with, and some of these moms are more modern, relatable women we’re still getting to know. From the 1950s to now, here are some of television’s funniest, craziest and, in some cases, ruthless mothers we’ve come to know and love.

Tour our Mother’s Day photo gallery, which includes “The Brady Bunch,” “The Cosby Show,” “Gilmore Girls,” “Everybody Loves Raymond,” “Happy Days,” “The Golden Girls,” “Modern Family” and more.