40 best TV theme songs; vocal tunes ranked

We recently brought you the 40 best television instrumental theme songs and promised you a fun new list of the greatest TV tunes with vocals. So…

Just sit right back and you’ll read a list
A list of the best theme songs
That once you hear them
Stay with you all day long. . .
All day long

Mary turned the world on with her smile
The Addams were spooky
Forty catchy themes with lyrics
Will stay with you and make you ooky!

This list may make you a little crazy
We know that’s kind of wrong
Because, believe it or not, these lyrics will
Stay stuck in your head all day long, all day long

Here are the best theme songs with vocals
of the past 60 years
Including “Friends”
“The Love Boat” too
“The Facts of Life” and “Good Times”
“The Jeffersons”
“The Brady Bunch” and “Happy Days”
And “Gilligan’s Island!”

Have fun with this stroll down memory lane in our photo gallery. And remember, these are all original tunes from Primetime (no Daytime) written specifically for their shows (sorry to “The Golden Girls,” “Married with Children” and other non-originals).