Billboard charts: Number-one albums of 2022

The Billboard 200 measures the most commercially successful albums every week during the tracking period from Friday through the following Thursday. But while the charts used to be determined simply by record sales, the changing technological landscape has led Billboard to update its methodology since the 21st century.

One of the biggest changes came in 2014 when Billboard transitioned from pure sales to a combination of factors that add online streams and individual track sales to traditional album sales. Every album sale counts as it always has. Meanwhile, the sale of 10 individual tracks counts as one album unit. And you need 3,750 ad-supported streams or 1,250 paid subscription streams to equal a single album unit. In 2020 Billboard expanded its criteria yet again to include music video streams on platforms like YouTube.

Unsurprisingly, the record for the most number-one albums is held by The Beatles with 19 chart-toppers; they also have the most number-one singles on the Billboard Hot 100 with 20. Beatles member Paul McCartney actually has 27 when you count his solo albums and his albums with the band Wings. Jay-Z ranks second with 14 number-one albums, which makes him the top solo artist on the all-time list. Barbra Streisand and Bruce Springsteen are next with 11 number-ones apiece, making Streisand the highest ranked woman (though Taylor Swift is right on her heels with 10 as of this writing). Streisand is also the only artist to occupy the top spot in six different decades.

Who’s making history this year? See the full list below, updating throughout 2022.