Channing Tatum movies ranked: 15 greatest films from worst to best

Channing Tatum, a natural athlete who found that college was not to his liking, moved to Tampa in his teens to work construction and found an outside gig as a male stripper at night. To Tatum’s credit, he never denied his stripping gig but instead turned it into artistic gold (years after he became an actor) with a hit franchise you may have heard about: “Magic Mike” (2012), “Magic Mike XXL” (2015) and “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” (2023).

After being discovered by a talent scout, Tatum started his career with small movie parts until he snagged the lead in “Step Up,” (2006), a successful dance/romance mash-up. Tatum’s looks and athleticism, as well as his dancing and acting skills attracted casting directors, who began to place him in bigger and bigger films.

With Tatum’s skills, that led to films with better and better directors, a list that any actor would envy — Michael Mann (“Public Enemies”), Lasse Hallström (“Dear John”), Quentin Tarantino (“The Hateful Eight”), the Coen Brothers (“Hail, Caesar!”), Bennett Miller (“Foxcatcher”), Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (the “21 Jump Street” series). His primary collaborator has been Steven Soderbergh, who directed Tatum in five films.

Although Tatum has yet to be nominated for an Academy Award, he has been a mighty force in a pair of Oscar-nominated films and will undoubtedly be for some time to come. In our gallery below, we have listed the 15 best Channing Tatum movies ranked. Take a tour and see if you agree with which ones are the greatest and which ones are the worst. Gallery originally published September 2017.