‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’: All the Season 10 guests stars, ranked

“Curb Your Enthusiasm” has always been chock full of cameos and guest stars, and that was certainly the case with the show’s 10th season. Over the years creator and star Larry David has gone from being the guy who created “Seinfeld” to becoming a comic icon in of himself. No doubt there are few actors (and even non-actors) who would turn down the chance to annoy him on television. So grab a nice, rock-hard scone and click through our gallery of all of the guest stars in Season 10, ranked worst to best.

Though the show started with a simple one-hour special, it has since grown in scope and popularity. David has been finding himself in awkward social situations in and around the entertainment industry for two decades and counting. He’s had embarrassing run-ins with a huge variety of big Hollywood names, from Mel Brooks to Shaquille O’Neal. He started a feud with upstairs neighbor Michael J. Fox, asked advice for how to handle a fatwa from Salman Rushdie and starred in a gangster film directed by Martin Scorsese. Some of these illustrious walk-ons have even earned guest acting Emmy nominations for their appearances, including Fox, Bryan Cranston and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

David has not announced anything about when or if we will be getting Season 11, but hopefully he won’t make us wait another few years. As many have noted, our current unusual situation seems perfect for Larry David, who has practiced social distancing for years, is obsessive about cleanliness and personal hygiene, and loves to avoid gatherings of people whenever possible. Even if we never see a new season, the last episode of Season 10 almost works as a series finale; once again all of Larry’s plans collapse in on themselves in a Rube Goldberg machine of comedic justice.

Let’s look back on the many guest stars of Season 10 to see how they compare to the cameos of earlier seasons.