‘Dancing with the Stars’ Dream Cast: These are the celebrities on our ultimate ‘DWTS’ wish list

If you’ve watched “Dancing with the Stars” for any amount of time, you get a feel for the kinds of celebrities who are usually invited to compete. Keeping those criteria in mind, scroll down to see our ultimate list of dream cast members from A to Zane, all of whom we’d love to see take a chance on the dance competition. Who from our list would you most like to see join the cast? “Dancing with the Stars” producers, feel free to bookmark this page for inspiration.

Looking back on the winners from previous seasons, it pays to be a pro athlete, and it’s easy to understand why. It’s grueling for celebrities to learn new physical skills every week as they train new dances, so celebs who already have athletic backgrounds tend to have the fitness, stamina, and training regimen to keep up with the frenetic pace. That’s why we’ve seen multiple footballers win including Emmitt Smith and Rashad Jennings. Other sports have athletic demands that translate even better to the ballroom, as seen with figure skating champs Kristi Yamaguchi and Meryl Davis and gymnasts Shawn Johnson and Laurie Hernandez.

Musical theater arguably translates even better to the ballroom. After all, if you’ve sung and danced on stage in front of an audience before, you’d probably be just as good dancing live on national television every week. Just look at Alfonso Ribeiro and Jordan Fisher, both of whom went from Broadway to the Mirror Ball Trophy.

But that’s not all. The ballroom has also seen its fair share of recording artists, former child stars, nostalgic music and TV celebs of yesteryear, and reality TV alums. Stars of Disney movies and series are also frequent additions to the cast lineup, for obvious reasons: ABC is owned by Disney, and the Mouse House can never resist an opportunity for corporate synergy. But there are more than enough showbiz faves from a wide variety of backgrounds to populate another half dozen seasons or more of “DWTS.”