Emmys: Top 14 scariest acting wins of all time

When Emmy voters can spooked, it’s often frighteningly good. Take a tour through our photo gallery below featuring 14 of the Emmys’ scariest acting wins in the history of the TV Academy.

Of course we had to include the various wins from “American Horror Story.” The horror franchise’s five installments have thus far reaped victories for Kathy Bates as a hate-spewing witch, James Cromwell as a deranged Nazi doctor, and Jessica Lange, who makes our list twice as both a murderous neighbor and a malicious sorceress.

Also making the list twice is Michael Emerson, who scared the pants off us as a serial killer in “The Practice” before making our skin crawl as the mysterious leader of the Others on “Lost.”

Another multiple-murderer to make the cut is John Lithgow for his terrifying guest role in “Dexter” (well, technically supporting, but that’s for another item).

And let’s not forget sci-fi classic “The X-Files,” which brought trophies to Gillian Anderson as an FBI agent investigating paranormal activity and guest star Peter Boyle as an insurance salesman who can predict people’s deaths. Gallery originally published 2016.