‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Season 19 Spoilers: Chefs Elimination Order

“Hell’s Kitchen” season 19 was filmed in 2018 but didn’t air in the USA till 2021. However, it has already screened in the UK. So, if you want to know which of the 18 chefs won over Gordon Ramsay then keep scrolling for all the “Hell’s Kitchen” season 19 spoilers including the elimination order. You’ll see how each contender from the Blue Team and Red Team fared in the competition. Be prepared for some surprises.

The season 19 winner will be head chef at Gordon Ramsay’s new “Hell’s Kitchen” restaurant in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. This marked the first season to be filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada. As fans of the long-running FOX show know, Sin City is home to the first “Hell’s Kitchen” eatery at Caesars Palace.

The 18 chefs competing on season 19, who range in age from 23 to 44, have a wide range of experience in the kitchen. They hail from 12 states and the nation’s capital. We list their hometowns as well as their social media handles along with their placement on “Hell’s Kitchen” season 19.