Michelle Williams: How long is each of her Oscar-nominated performances?

Upon earning her fifth Oscar nomination for “The Fabelmans” this year, Michelle Williams became one of the 33 most-recognized actresses in academy history. Since she has yet to win, a victory in the current lead female race would keep her from joining Irene Dunne, Deborah Kerr, Thelma Ritter, Glenn Close, and Amy Adams on the list of women with five or more unsuccessful acting bids. If screen time plays any factor in influencing voters, she may benefit from the fact that her performance stands out from the others in her lineup by being relatively short.

The three lead turns for which Williams has received Oscar nominations have a screen time average of 59 minutes and 55 seconds (or 51.43% of the respective films). She is now one of 44 women to receive multiple Best Actress notices for appearing on screen for less than one hour. When it comes to her pair of nominated supporting performances, the screen time average is 12 minutes and 44 seconds (or 9.43%).

Check out our gallery and screen time analysis of Williams’s five Oscar-nominated performances, and be sure to tune in to the 95th Academy Awards, airing Sunday, March 12 on ABC.