Nancy Volpe-Beringer’s ‘Project Runway’ Designs, Ranked Worst to Best

At age 64, Nancy Volpe-Beringer made history on “Project Runway” as the oldest designer in the history of the reality competition series. But did she get the credit she deserved from the judges and her fellow designers? Scroll down for our countdown of every single one of her looks, ranked from worst to best. Do you agree with our choice for her strongest look of the season?

Volpe-Beringer flew under the radar for weeks on the show, getting safe scores for the first three challenges of the competition even when, I think, she maybe should have gotten a high score or two (you’d never know her “Sleigh the Runway” look was made with unconventional materials, but she hardly got screentime in that episode and didn’t get a critique from the judges).

She finally made it to the top three for the first time in “The Ultimate Upcycle” when she designed a look for Karlie Kloss to wear to a fashion even in Paris. And the judges have found her delightful even when they haven’t been fans of her looks. They were charmed by the hidden dildo pocket she made in her reversible “Ashley Longshore” coat, and even though it was a bottom look, Longshore herself said the pants Volpe-Beringer designed “flooded my basement.”

But the designer proved divisive in the workroom. She and Sergio Guadarrama grew close, but she rubbed Delvin McCray the wrong way; he threw shade at her look in “Suit Yourself” with Brittany Allen and Victoria Cocieru when they didn’t know she could hear them, and she felt left out during the team challenge in “Sew 80’s,” even though her team ended up winning. Where do you stand on this surprisingly controversial designer? And how would you rank the following looks?