Designers who quit ‘Project Runway’: Who left the show and why?

In the 18th season of “Project Runway,” designer Dayoung Kim took herself out of the competition because of ongoing health woes while fellow contestant Victoria Cocieru seriously considered quitting the show when a one-day challenge involving the use of  sheer fabric, which proved to be tricky for her.

That was enough reason for us to dig through the annals of the Emmy-winning reality show to see how many designers in the past either left because they felt ill or they were overwhelmed by the pressure in the workroom to come up with fabulous fashions under tight deadlines.

Fellow season 18 contestant Chelsey Carter, who was dismissed when judges thought her see-through fabric design wasn’t quite up to snuff, confessed to mentor Christian Siriano on Bravo’s after show, “We all have thought about quitting: I’m just going to throw it out, this is too rough, this is too much. The time constraint is just too much.” But unlike Cocieru, who threw a full-blown diva fit, “We never verbalized it.”

This was far from the first time that a designer seriously considered leaving the show. In fact, one was sadly forced to leave during season 4 when Siriano himself was the winner, for different but still dramatic reasons. Here are the competitors who have decided for themselves to be out instead of in rather than letting the judges send them home.