Razzies: Every Worst Picture Winner 1981 to Today

Let’s be honest: the award show you really care about is the Razzies, that gleefully critical group that year after year honors the very worst in cinema. These rancid turkeys scrape the bottom of the barrel and make us wanna rinse our eyes out with soap after leaving the theater. Take a tour through our photo gallery above to find out what masterpieces of filmmaking earned the dubious honor of Worst Picture at the Golden Raspberry Awards, from the most recent “winner” to the very first.

The very first Razzies ceremony was held in 1981 immediately after the Oscar telecast wrapped up. It started as a party at the home of publicist John J. B. Wilson, who gave his guests homemade ballots and announced the results from a cardboard podium. While the Academy was honoring “Ordinary People” (1980), Wilson and his pals bestowed their prize on the grade-A ham “Can’t Stop the Music” (1980).

Since then, the Razzie Awards have grown in esteem, broadening their membership and holding their ceremony at larger venues. It’s become an annual tradition to roast the year’s worst cinematic tragedies the night before the Academy honors the very best. Some celebrities have even been known to join in the fun, like Sandra Bullock, who showed up to accept her Worst Actress prize for “All About Steve” (2009) the same year she won the Oscar for “The Blind Side” (2009).

So lets raise a cheap glass of champagne to these remarkably bad titles. Take a look back at every Razzie Worst Picture winner from 1981 to today and see if your least favorite was awful enough to win.