Sergio Guadarrama’s ‘Project Runway’ Designs, Ranked Worst to Best

Love him or hate him, Sergio Guadarrama knows how to make clothes. But what have truly been his best (and worst) looks of season 18? Scroll down to see how we rank his designs. Do you agree with our choice for his finest look?

Guadarrama got the villain edit this season, and he wasted no time establishing himself as such. In the premiere episode, “Blast Off,” he explained that he’s already as good as mentor Christian Siriano and judge Brandon Maxwell. And the hits kept coming after that.

In “Cats of the Urban Jungle,” when he was tasked with creating a streetwear look with animal prints but elected instead to make a ball gown instead, he explained that he designs for older women because younger people don’t have money and thus aren’t worth his effort.

And he was sure that he was too skilled to ever get a low score from the judges, but he turned out to be wrong about that. He was lambasted for his Cyndi Lauper-inspired look in “Sew 80’s” and was so offended that he said, again, that he only designs for sophisticated older women — he said that right to Lauper’s face, by the way — and that what the judges thought of his work wasn’t his problem.

He also prides himself on being a political designer, though his messages don’t always come through. In “There is Only One You” he had to create a look inspired by his personal heritage and decided to dedicate his design to the migrant children who have died in US custody. But that message was unclear at best, and the design underwhelmed the judges.

That said, Guadarrama did win challenges too. He showed off his undeniable craftsmanship with wrapping paper and a basket in the unconventional challenge “Sleigh the Runway” and then with strategically placed sheer fabric in “Sheer Genius.” So where do those designs rank among his entire season’s worth of looks? Find out which were our favorites (and least favorites) below.