‘SNL’ 5-Timers Club: Who has hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’ at least five times?

The “SNL” 5-Timers Club has been around since December 1990, when Tom Hanks joked in his monologue that a person’s fifth time hosting is when they receive a membership card into the club. Hanks then left the stage and joined Steve Martin, Elliott Gould and Paul Simon in an expensive-looking set with hors d’oeuvres, waiters and a doorman. The iconic club set would be seen multiple times on NBC’s late sketch comedy throughout the decades, often (but not always) when a new host is anointed as a five-timer. Members of the club are always seen wearing exclusive jackets embroidered with a “5” badge.

So who has hosted “Saturday Night Live” at least five times? Scroll through our “SNL” 5-Timers Club members list below, which includes (in alphabetical order by last name) some of the most recognizable people in the industry, including Tina Fey, Paul Rudd and Tom Hanks.