‘SNL’: 35 athletes who hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’

When you think of your typical “SNL” host, you probably imagine movie stars, television actors or music personalities. But did you know more than 30 athletes have hosted NBC’s late night sketch comedy series over the past five decades? Indeed, all of the biggest names in sports have graced Studio 8H for a night of laughs and gags, including Bill Russell, John Madden, Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan and Dwayne Johnson.

While the vast majority of hosts from the world of sports have been male, three female athletes have also entertained audiences: Chris Evert, Nancy Kerrigan and Ronda Rousey. The most recent addition to the list was Super Bowl champion Travis Kelce, who took his turn as emcee in March 2023. Scroll through our “SNL” gallery below to see all 35 athletes who hosted “Saturday Night Live.”