‘Survivor’ Losers: 16 Lovable Contestants Ranked

“Survivor” superfans are currently hyped for the upcoming all-winners season, but it’s not always the case that the most popular contestant is the one who wins. In fact, the audience tends to fall in love with those who just come up short of the $1 million prize, often more so than the champion. Players like Rupert Boneham, Cirie Fields and Joe Anglim will probably never win “Survivor,” no matter how many times they come back and try. Their likability is a double-edged sword — they’re genial enough to be safe through several Tribal Councils but once it gets toward the end, they’re too big of a jury threat to win. As we prepare for “Survivor: Winners at War,” here’s the ranking of our 16 favorite lovable losers we hoped would make it onto an all-winner season someday.