‘The Challenge: USA’ cast photos: Who’s competing from ‘Survivor,’ ‘Big Brother,’ ‘The Amazing Race,’ ‘Love Island’?

MTV’s original competition series “The Challenge” is getting a CBS-style facelift. Beginning July 6, 2022, more than two dozen former contestants from “Survivor,” “Big Brother,” “The Amazing Race” and “Love Island” will compete against each other in a brand new reality TV show titled “The Challenge: USA.” T. J. Lavin hosts the grueling program, which will air every Wednesday night on CBS (and stream on Paramount Plus) throughout the summer. Scroll through our “The Challenge: USA” cast photos below to see which 28 all-stars are competing.

Among the cast members are six people who previously won their seasons: Tyson Apostol (“Survivor: Blood vs. Water”), Ben Driebergen (“Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers”), Sarah Lacina (“Survivor: Game Changers”), Xavier Prather (“Big Brother 23”), James Wallington (“The Amazing Race 32”) and Justine Ndiba (“Love Island 2”). How will these six champions now fare when competing in the mental and physical competitions of “The Challenge: USA”?

In the season premiere, each player is given $1,000 to start their individual challenge accounts, and in order to increase their prize money they will have to win challenges or eliminate their opponents. In each episode, a random algorithm pairs contestants with each other, which will make it tougher for strong alliances to form. At the end of the season, one person will win the $500,000 grand prize and earn the title of Challenge Champion.