‘The Circle’ winners: US Netflix seasons

Premiering in 2020, “The Circle” is a US Netflix reality TV show based on the popular British series of the same name. Each season a group of strangers enters a colorfully decorated apartment building and engages in chats, games and blockings with each other all while remaining completely anonymous. In “The Circle,” you can choose to play as yourself or as someone entirely different, aka a catfish. Michelle Buteau hosts the fun and flirty program, though she doesn’t get to officially meet the contestants until the finale, when the $100,000 grand prize is given to the player who the others rated the highest ($150,000 as of Season 4). There are various other versions of the social media game show around the world, including in France and Brazil, but the photo gallery below highlights “The Circle” winners and finalists from the US Netflix seasons. Gallery originally published May 2021.