‘The Masked Singer’ OMG dream cast: Who would Harry Styles, Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas portray?

Go ahead, “The Masked Singer” fans: Dare to imagine perfect casting of the hottest male singing stars. Who would you want to discover lurking hidden under those big floppy costumes of pandas, robots, flamingos, penguins, skeletons and thingamajigs? Rip off those (often furry) heads in your minds and tell us: who can you see underneath? Harry Styles? Justin Bieber? Shawn Mendes? Who else?

Don’t limit your imaginations by defeatist thoughts like: Oh, this-or-that hottie would never appear on a pop TV show. Don’t assume that your choices are too macho grand or lofty. Or too busy. Maybe they’re secretly big fans of “The Masked Singer” and would jump at the chance to dance and croon like an overstuffed … what character?

Donny Osmond has already starred as a peacock, Joey Fatone as a rabbit, Lil Wayne as a robot, Seal as a leopard and T-Pain as a monster. Scroll down to see how I would dress my Ultimate Boys-Only “Masked Singer” Dream Cast.