‘The Simpsons’: Homer Simpson’s top 15 WTF moments, ranked

It’s hard to think of a character on television over the past 30 years that has been more reckless than Homer J. Simpson. From buying his wife a bowling ball with his name on it for her birthday to moving the family Boston simply to show Bart how terrible the city is, Homer has routinely found a way to make the worst possible choices in each situation. With that in mind, let’s look back at Homer’s most bone-headed decisions in the photo gallery above that left us all in shock by counting down Homer’s top 15 WTF moments from ‘The Simpsons.”

There were several factors that were taken into consideration for making this list. First was considering how many people Homer’s actions affected. Several of the episodes in this list got here because Homer’s actions had consequences (actual or possible) that affected all of Springfield such as “Lisa’s Date With Destiny” and “Trash of the Titans.” Another factor was how much Homer’s thought process broke with any kind of logic like we saw in “Secrets of a Successful Marriage” and “Homer’s Enemy.” Then there was also the factor of something that culminated in iconic recklessness such as “The Homer They Fall” and “Bart the Daredevil.”

While Bart was the focus of the show’s first couple of seasons, the writers began to make Homer more of the show’s focus in the fourth season. According to Groening this was specifically because of the drastic consequences that could come from Homer’s actions along with a wider range of jokes that could come from the character. While show creator Matt Groening did name Homer after his own father, the similarities between the two end there. Groening has admitted that part of the reason he did this was to mildly annoy his father. Groening also inserted a bit of himself into Homer’s design by incorporating first initial into Homer’s hairline and his second into Homer’s right ear. This got slightly altered by Groening when he thought it would look too distracting.

A lot of credit for making Homer the character that he is must go to the man who voices him, Dan Castellaneta. When the shorts were first being created for “The Tracey Ullman Show,” the producers decided to use existing cast members to do the voices rather than hiring new actors. This got Castellaneta cast as Homer and Julie Kavner cast as Marge. Castellaneta originally used a loose imitation of Walter Matthau as the basis for Homer’s voice. When that voice became tough to do for his long recording sessions, he lowered the voice so that it was more humorous and allowed for a wider range of emotions. Showrunner David Mirkin has also said that Castellaneta let’s his I.Q. go while recording Homer’s lines. It’s certainly paid off big time for Castellaneta as he’s won four Emmys for his voiceover work on “The Simpsons.”

Can you guess which episode is number one in our rankings? Some of the other episodes that placed on this list are: “The Joy of Sect,” “Boy-Soutz ‘N the Hood,” “The Cartridge Family” and “Missionary: Impossible.”