Everything To Know About ‘The Voice’ Season 20

“The Voice” returned to the NBC lineup on March 1 with the two-hour premiere of season 20. This is the first of six episodes showcasing the first stage — the blind auditions — of this singing competition. Scroll through these photos to find out everything to know about “The Voice” season 20.

In the blind auditions, we get to see the contestants but the four judges must make their decisions based solely on the quality of the singing. Only if they are won over by the voice do they hit their button so that their chair turns and they can see the singer. If more than one judge turns, the contestant gets to hear each make their case before deciding on whose team they wish to be.

For those contestants that do not inspire even one judge to hit their button, their time on “The Voice” is over. For those that make it through they must then survive the battle rounds to move on to the live shows.