‘Top Chef’ spoilers: Who was eliminated in season 20 of Bravo cooking competition?

Food is a fickle business. The Emmy-winning cooking competition series “Top Chef” returned to Bravo for season 20 on Thursday, March 9, with supersized episodes airing every single Thursday at 9:00pm. But not every chef put their best foot forward every week. And all it takes is one misstep to send you home, especially in a season with such elite competitors. Scroll down to see which chefs had to pack their knives and go, when, and why, updated every week as additional chefs get the boot.

Season 20 of “Top Chef” is a first-of-its-kind World All-Stars edition. It brings together chefs from all over the world, representing the international spinoffs of “Top Chef” including Canada, Mexico, France, Thailand, and more. Altogether the 16 chefs represent 11 different shows from around the world, including a few cheftestants who represent the American version of the series.

But that’s not the only way this season of “Top Chef” has gone international. This year the main competition takes place in London, England, with a grand finale to be set in Paris, France, making this the show’s first season to take place entirely outside of the United States. But as usual the show is hosted by Padma Lakshmi with judges Tom Colicchio and Gail Simmons. And eliminated chefs still get an opportunity to return to the competition every week in “Last Chance Kitchen.”

What do you think of “Top Chef” season 20? Do you think the right chefs were eliminated? And who will ultimately win the grand prize of $250,000 and a feature in “Food and Wine” magazine? See the list of ousted chefs below.