Top 13 songs of the 2010s ranked

What were the biggest hit songs of the 2010s? The decade was hard to completely nail down for many of the biggest tunes because they blended pop, ballads, R&B and even country music in several instances. Tour our gallery below as we reveal the top 12 singles according to our sister PMC company Billboard.

Kesha kicked off the decade with the first #1 hit song, “Tik Tok,” with an impressive nine weeks on top. The Mariah Carey classic “All I Want for Christmas Is You” finished the decade returning on top.

The artists with the most weeks as #1 singles were: Drake (49), Rihanna (41), Bruno Mars (32), Katy Perry (26), Adele (24), Justin Bieber (23), Pharrell Williams (22), Maroon 5 (20), Lil Nas X (19), Taylor Swift (18), Ed Sheeran (18) and Billy Ray Cyrus (18).

Which of those artists were the best of the decade for weeks in the #1 position?

Enjoy going back over a decade in our photo gallery.

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