TV Hall of Fame: Top 50 best choices who should be inducted next

Many worthy people are still waiting and waiting for their induction into the Television Academy’s TV Hall of Fame. Each year a small committee makes the selection of just a few people to be inducted. You can visit their busts, statues and tributes at their plaza in North Hollywood, California. Our photo gallery above offers up 50 individuals who easily deserve to be include, so please take a look at these choices, esteemed committee members, and let’s induct even more this year.

The first induction was held in 1984 and it’s been an annual tradition almost every year. That class of legends consisted of actress/executive Lucille Ball, actor/comedian Milton Berle, writer Paddy Chayefsky, writer/producer Norman Lear, journalist Edward R. Murrow, CBS founder William S. Paley, and NBC founder David Sarnoff.

The class from late 2017 featured the inductions of production designer Roy Christopher, producer/writer Shonda Rhimes, comedian/actress Joan Rivers, producer/writer John Wells and the original cast of “Saturday Night Live” (Dan Akyroyd, John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Jane Curtin, Garrett Morris, Laraine Newman and Gilda Radner).

And the most recent class for 2020 features executive Bob Iger, executive Geraldine Laybourne, actor/producer Seth MacFarlane, director Jay Sandrich and actress Cicely Tyson.

Our top 10 names in this 50-person gallery are: host/producer David Letterman, actress/comedian Lily Tomlin, documentarian Ken Burns, actress Tyne Daly, actor/producer Henry Winkler, actor Peter Falk, actress/host Ellen DeGeneres, sports journalist/host Bob Costas, and actors/producers Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld. Every one of them is a multiple Emmy winner or nominee who has made an impact on television history.