‘World of Dance’ Best Dancers Ever: Top 17 Dancers Ranked

“World of Dance” premiered in 2017 with Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough and Ne-Yo judging elite dance acts from around the world and narrowing them down until finally choosing a world champion to receive the $1 million grand prize. But who have been the best contestants ever? Scroll down to see our countdown of the greatest contestants ranked from worst to best.

The series first narrows down its contestants by division: Upper Division (age 18 and over with up to four members), Upper Team Division (age 18 and over with more than four members), Junior Division (under 18 with up to four members) and Junior Team Division (under 18 with more than four members). The winners of those divisions then face off in the final round to determine the best in the world.

The judges score the performances by a 100-point scale that takes into account performance quality, technique, choreography, creativity and presentation. But some contestants have made lasting impressions above and beyond their numbers. These are the contestants over the years who have given us goosies. Do you agree with our rankings and our choice for the number-one dance act in the show’s history (so far)? Who did we leave out?