10 youngest Emmy winners of Best Drama Supporting Actor

Less than six weeks after it premiered in the fall of 1984, uniquely stylish police procedural “Miami Vice” stunned its viewers by abruptly killing off one of its principal characters. The lieutenant position vacated by Lou Rodriguez (Gregory Sierra) was promptly filled by former DEA officer Marty Castillo (Edward James Olmos) one episode later. At 37, Olmos was a full decade younger than his predecessor. His performance was so well-received that it earned the series its only major Emmy win apart from three craft awards.

Olmos’s Best Drama Supporting Actor victory came for the two-part episode “Golden Triangle,” in which Castillo works to bring down a drug lord who is holding his ex-wife hostage. At the time, the 38-year-old was the fourth youngest winner in the history of his category. He now places behind a total of nine actors who are up to 13 years his junior.

Since 1959, a total of 39 actors have won for their supporting roles on continuing drama programs, beginning with Dennis Weaver (“Gunsmoke”). Six of these winners have prevailed on more than one occasion.

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