10 youngest Emmy winners of Best TV Movie/Limited Series Actress

When Halle Berry won the 2002 Best Actress Oscar for “Monster’s Ball” and made history as the category’s first Black honoree, she dedicated it to several actresses of color who came before her. Appropriately, she began by mentioning Dorothy Dandridge, whose nomination for “Carmen Jones” in 1955 made her the first Black woman to compete for the lead prize. Although Dandridge’s life ended before Berry’s began, the two performers have always shared a special connection. Indeed, less than two years before she won her Oscar, Berry took home an Emmy for stepping into Dandridge’s shoes in the TV movie “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge.”

The HBO movie was nominated for a total of nine Primetime Emmys and scored four craft awards in addition to Berry’s Best TV Movie/Limited Series Actress win. Having triumphed at 34, the actress currently ranks as the 10th youngest champion in her category after initially placing one spot higher. Of the eight younger women in the group, three bagged their trophies before they turned 30. Like Berry, four others also took home at least one Oscar at some point in their careers.

Since 1955, a total of 55 actresses have won Emmys for their lead roles on non-continuing programs, beginning with Judith Anderson (“Macbeth”). Including Anderson, 14 of the winners have prevailed on more than one occasion.

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