Gold Club Instructions


Gold Club leagues are separate from Gold Derby’s main prediction events, which are featured on our lobby page (click home tab below). Instead of competing against all Derbyites, you can invite your friends and family to participate in a private Gold Club that you create. Think of each Gold Club as your own personal Oscar or Emmy pool, for example. Only better – because Gold Derby keeps score and issues customized leaderboards for your groups.

Think of how much fun you and your friends can have each week competing to predict who’ll be booted off “Survivor,” “Big Brother,” “American Idol” or “The Voice.” Or who’ll win contestant challenges on “Amazing Race” or “Rupaul’s Drag Race.” We’ll score your Gold Club players’ predictions per week plus generate season-long score leaderboards, too.

In addition to private leagues, you can create public Gold Clubs and invite all Derbyites to join. For both private and public leagues, you may decide, for example, that players will only predict the top 8 Oscar or Emmy categories and you may only want them to pick a winner per race without ranking.

Or you can join Gold Club leagues created by other Derbyites. All leagues players are permitted to make new predictions that are different from those they feature in Gold Derby’s main prediction events.


On main Gold Club pages, press “Create a Gold Club League.” Add a title and description of your contest in the appropriate boxes. Notice that you must “select game” as a theme. All Gold Club leagues are subsets of a main prediction event, but you can enforce new rules for your club. Do you want Club members to list their projected nominees (Rank ‘Em) or just choose the winner (Pick ‘Em)? Do you want to cover all categories or just the main ones?

You have two options to invite players: Use the “Find Members to Join” by searching for people in Gold Derby’s User base. Or you can send an email invitation to anyone.

To make changes to the league, including the addition of new players, go to the league’s main page and click on “Edit Gold Club League and invite members to play.”

At the conclusion of the prediction event, check out your score by accessing the event on the main Gold Club League page or in your “My Scores” area of the app.

Gold Derby does not bestow prizes to winners of Gold Club Leagues. Since these are your games, contest prizes are up to you. Please be mindful of U.S. federal and state regulations. Gold Derby bears no responsibility for legal claims against your leagues. Read more in Contest Rules.