Gold Derby Predictions Game

Win prizes for best predictions at Gold Derby

At Gold Derby you now earn more than bragging rights when you score the best predictions. Prizes for best scores predicting most awards and TV series featured in our Prediction Center: $100 Amazon gift certificate is awarded to weekly winners plus player with top score at end of TV season. Three prizes will be bestowed for the three best scores predicting the Primetime Emmys in 2015: $500 (win), $300 (place) and $200 (show). Read our Official Contest Rules.

See our leaderboard of past scores. Check out our gallery of past contest winners: see how much they won and learn their prediction secrets.

Make your first set of predictions now. Change them as often as you wish. Here's what to do.

STEP ONE: Register for a free account HERE or sign in automatically using your Facebook account. LOG IN HERE.

STEP TWO: When you're logged in, you'll go immediately to your prediction page HERE. Click the TV show or award you'd like to predict.


STEP THREE: Scroll down the page to see the questions for you to answer if you've chosen a reality TV show.

Each question is worth 100 points that you wager against the racetrack odds set by our users' predictions. Plus you get one EXTRA bet of 100 points to apply to any question of your choice. When finished, remember to click "Save Predictions" button.

If you're picking an award event, the prediction area will be different. See below. Press on "Click Here" inside the category boxes to begin predicting.

STEP FOUR: A pop-up box will apear. Grab your choices from the left column, drag them over to the right column and arrange contenders by likelihood of winning. Notice that you can easily move the contenders up and down in the right column.

STEP FIVE: Wager points. Every category is worth 100 points — with three exceptions. You get three Super Bets: one for 500 points and two for 200 points. Decide your bet in the drop-down menu located in top left corner of the category pop-up boxes.

STEP SIX: Always remember to click "Save Predictions" button, then move on to decide another category.

Save your predictions and check back with Gold Derby after the awards show to see if you've reaped the most game points. Here are our leaderboards.

SCORING PREDICTION POINTS FOR AWARD NOMINATIONS: Most categories are worth 100 points, which get distributed evenly among all of your picks. Therefore, if you choose 5 nominees in an acting race, you're waging 20 points per contender against the racetrack odds that you lock in the last time you update that category. But you get three larger bets: one Super Bet for 500 points and 2 Big Bets for 200 points. Those also get distributed among all contenders you pick in a category too. 
SCORING PREDICTION POINTS FOR AWARD WINNERS: Most categories are worth 100 points, but user gets three larger bets: 1 Super Bet for 500 points, 2 Big Bets for 200 points. Points are applied against odds that are locked in the last time a user updates a category. Users get consolation points if their predictions comes in these rankings land in second place (25), third (10), fourth (5), fifth (4), sixth (3), seventh (2) or eighth (1).
SCORING PREDICTION POINTS FOR REALITY TV: Some questions are worth 100 points, but user gets 1 Super Bet for 500 points and two Big Gets for 200 points. Points are applied against odds that are locked in the last time a user updates a category. Two hundred points are awarded for overall question ("Who will win the reality TV show competition?) at finish of game, plus user receives 100 points for each week user holds onto their prediction continuously till the end. Loyalty is rewarded. If you switch your prediction, you'll start a new count and may reduce your shot at highest score.
Gold Derby does more than just present predictions, news, analysis and exclusive celebrity interviews. The site is set up as a social network like Facebook where users can make friends, share views, news and status updates, post photos, videos, predictions, Top 10 Lists and vote for the Gold Derby Awards.

Special attraction: Gold Derby's infamous message boards where Hollywood hotshots dish the dirt. Be careful who you spar with there – superstars often hide behind cybernames or else just lurk and read.  Tina Fey was so outraged by what our posters said about her in 2009 that she denounced them hilariously in her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes.

Read a history of Gold Derby and its founder Tom O'Neil here.


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BELOW: A brief and simple guide to how Gold Derby works — including how you can post your award predictions and compete against the experts.

BELOW: After Gold Derby helped Cynthia Nixon to choose the right episodes to submit to Emmy judges in 2004, leading to her first Emmy win on her last year on "Sex and the City," she graciously thanked us:


BELOW: In 2011, just moments after winning the Emmy for Best Drama Series for a fourth year in a row, "Mad Men" creator Matt Weiner told us what's really important to him: winning the Gold Derby Award a few days earlier. (All site users choose nominees and winners, so join Gold Derby now.)