Nobody knows awards better than the experts, editors and users at Gold Derby who are obsessed with tracking the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, Tonys, Golden Globes and other kudos. We're so immersed in the study and history of Hollywood's top kudos and we have such strong opinions about them that we inevitably became frustrated by various choices through the years, so we launched our own prizes for film in 2002 and for TV in 2004.

The Gold Derby Awards have grown enormously in prestige over time. In 2011, when "Mad Men" won both the Gold Derby Award and Emmy for Best Drama Series within a few days, TV series creator Matt Weiner said in a video thank-you speech to Gold Derby users (watch below): "I just want to say that it's really great to have this Emmy, but the real thrill was winning the Gold Derby Award. I want to thank everybody out there for saying that we still have it."

Nominees and winners are chosen by thousands of Gold Derby's users, Editors and Experts, who make their picks in the same Prediction Center where they log predictions. Winners are sent a formal certificate — see copy above.

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