How to make your predictions at Gold Derby

Register for a free user account and then join us on Gold Derby’s main lobby page to compete against thousands of other fans to predict the Oscars, Emmys, hit reality TV shows and all Hollywood competition. Instructions are below – or download our new, free and easy app at the Apple or Google Play Stores.

1.) On the Lobby page, choose a prediction event: click blue “Predict” button.

2.) Click on an award category or TV show question.

3.) Line by line make your picks ranked according to likelihood of being correct. Never make choices based upon your personal likes. You’ll be scored according to your prediction accuracy.

4.) On mobile devices, tap top line in the category. A screen pops up with your options. Make your main pick, then click “Close and Save.” If you are making predictions on a desktop computer, options will  appear on your left screen. Click on the + sign next to your choice in order to move it to the right column.

5.) Tap next line and make your second-ranked choice.

6.) And so on. Continue until you fill out all lines. Then review your ranking. Move your picks by tapping up/ down arrows. To remove a choice, tap the minus sign inside a gold circle, then make new pick. All of your predictions are automatically saved on this page.

7.) You are normally given 100 points to wager in each category against current odds. Decide if you want this to be one of your two Super Bets worth 500 points. Read Contest Rules for more details. If you don’t care about this points/ odds system, that’s fine, don’t bother with it. Our main leaderboards rank players by percentage of accuracy (then points in case of ties). Accuracy is most important and, frankly, that’s all that many Derbyites care about. However, we do feature separate points leaderboards, if you wish to view them.

8.) Always finish all categories in every prediction event. Change your picks as often as you wish by returning to the Lobby and clicking an event’s “Edit” button. Keep your rankings current. They impact Gold Derby’s latest racetrack odds, which are monitored constantly by Hollywood execs and stars.

After an event is over, you’ll receive an email about your score. Make sure your contact info is updated in your Profile. On your Profile page you can view all of your past scores, which are also accessible in the “My Scores” area.

See our main Leaderboards, which are grouped by separare menu areas for our “Awards” and “TV Shows” prediction events. Scores are listed according to percentage of accuracy. See our separate leaderboards that rank our events by most points.