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Watch 3 Gold Derby pundits battle over Oscar predictions: Thelma Adams, Paul Sheehan and Tom O’Neil [Video & audio podcast]

Veteran Oscar predictions expert Thelma Adams is scooting out on a shaky limb in the Best Actress category to pick recent BAFTA champ Olivia Colman (“The Favourite”) over Gold Derby frontrunner Glenn Close (“The Wife”). “I’m on a BAFTA high!” Thelma confesses in this webcam chat with Gold Derby Executive Editor Paul Sheehan and me. Watch above or listen to the audio podcast below.

“I go with my gut that says people really love Olivia Colman’s role,” Thelma adds. “I just feel her rising.”

Paul is impressed that “Roma” nabbed a large enough plurality vote among the five Best Picture nominees at BAFTA to win “over ‘The Favourite,’ which led with the most nominations and the most wins,” Paul says. “So that tells me that, if you extend that over to the Oscars with its 8 nominees that ‘Roma’s’ going to be ranking pretty darn high on that preferential ballot.”

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