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Razzies: Why Donald Trump is a ‘banana peel on the floor’ (Video & audio podcast)

Yes, Donald Trump will probably win the Razzie Award for Worst Actor of the Year, according to the latest predictions at Gold Derby, but take heart, MAGA supporters!

A common misunderstanding about the Razzies is that, yes, they reflect serious negative opinions ¬†about movies by the organization’s 1,000 members, but “the intent is humorous,” admits co-founder John Wilson. “We’re not a slap in the face. We’re a banana peel on the floor. We’re not saying ‘How dare you?’ We’re saying, ‘Why did you?’

“If you’re Helen Mirren and you have 82 scripts coming over your transom every week, how the hell did you pick ‘Winchester’?!” Watch our video chat above or listen to the audio podcast below.

Mirren is among the five nominees in the catfight over winning the prize for Worst Actress and “Winchester” competes for Worst Picture against “Gotti,” “The Happytime Murders,” “Holmes & Watson” and “Robin Hood.” According to 700 predictions at Gold Derby, Mirren will lose to Melissa McCarthy (“The Happytime Murders,” “The Life of the Party”) and “Gotti” is the overwhelming fave to prevail as Worst Picture.

“On every single level, ‘Gotti’ was horrible film-making!” harrumphs Razzie co-founder¬†Mo Murphy. “It was a horrible script, horrible performances, horrible directing, horrible everything.” But “Gotti” star John Travolta is way behind Donald Trump (nominated for playing himself in “Death of a Nation” and “Fahrenheit 11/9”) in the battle over the trophy for Worst Actor.