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Uh-oh! Do Oscar voters secretly hate Glenn Close?

Oh, I sure hope poor, Oscarless Glenn Close isn’t secretly thinking, “I knew academy voters always hated me! That’s the only possible explanation for getting slapped again!”

Basically, it looks like: If Glenn couldn’t win this year when she was widely considered to be a slam-dunk shoo-in, something’s wrong. After all, she lost Best Actress to an unknown British thesp, Olivia Colman, who really just had a supporting role and, heck, she didn’t even bother to campaign much. Meantime, however, Glenn was everywhere on the campaign circuit, radiating charm, warmth and authority.

But now poor Glenn is one of the biggest losers in Oscar history. With 7 defeats, she’s the biggest loser among all actresses. She’s tied with Richard Burton as the second-biggest overall loser. The top position is held by Peter O’Toole, who got skunked 8 times.

Hey, wait a minute. It’s easy to see why Burton and O’Toole – two drunk rascals – held such dubious distinctions among their peers, but Glenn Close is classy and an acting icon. What’s going on?

Answer: Nothing. Everybody, please calm down. Let’s all recall that Al Pacino and Geraldine Page didn’t win until their eighth nominations. Glenn still hasn’t yet reached that point. Let’s hope that a film gets made soon of Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s musical adaptation of “Sunset Boulevard,” which swept the Tony Awards in 1995, including a Best Actress victory for Glenn.