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Cast your vote for the Razzie Redeemer Award right here at Gold Derby!

Normally, you have to be a member of the Razzie Awards organization (apply here) to vote, but now there is one (very exciting) exception.

At Gold Derby’s prediction center, you can cast your vote for winner of the Redeemer Award, which hails the past Razzie nominee or winner who has now made the most impressive career rebound. That’s right, dear Derbyites. In this case, you’re not predicting the winner, you and Razzie fans are deciding it.

“Here at the Razzies, we love Gold Derby so much that we invite you to host the voting for our most prestigious award!” says Razzies chief John Wilson.

Thanks very much, John! What a lofty honor! We love you, too! We welcome all Razzie fans to our tempest-tossed cyber-shores.

John and those Razzie rascals usually employ savage humor when doling out their hilarious awards to pelt the worst film work of the year, but they created the Redeemer Award as a very serious accolade to acknowledge the positive plot twists in the lives of Hollywood stars.

The category was launched in 2014 to welcome the career resurrection of Ben Affleck (Oscar Best Piture winner “Argo”) 11 years after he and Jennifer Lopez swept the Razzies for their notoriously awful “Gigli.” Other victors include all-time Razzie champ Sly Stallone (recent Oscar nominee for “Creed”) and Mel Gibson (from tabloid hell to Oscar nom for “Hacksaw Ridge”).

This year’s nominees:

Tyler Perry: from Worst Actress winner for “Medea” to playing Colin Powell in “Vice.”