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Brennan Merone
Oct 4th, 2016

Here is what I think the nominees would have been each year since the change:

2010: Avatar/The Hurt Locker/Inglourious Basterds/Precious/Up in The Air

2011: 127 Hours/Black Swan/The King’s Speech/The Social Network/True Grit

2012: The Artist/The Descendants/Hugo/Midnight in Paris/The Tree of Life

2013: Argo/Django Unchained/Les Miserables/Life of Pi/Lincoln (this one was the toughest)

2014: American Hustle/Dallas Buyers Club/Gravity/12 Years A Slave/The Wolf of Wall Street

2015: Birdman/Boyhood/The Grand Budapest Hotel/The Imitation Game/Whiplash

2016: The Big Short/Mad Max/The Martian/ The Revenant/Spotlight

2017: Arrival/Hacksaw Ridge/La La Land/Manchester By The Sea/Moonlight