12 possible Emmy upsets we warn you about!

The easiest Emmy prediction to make every year is this: there will be plenty of jawdroppers, shockeroos and upsets on awards night. But which ones are most likely to up-end the ceremony this year? Check out early warnings from Gold Derby editors Tom O’Neil, Paul Sheehan, Chris Beachum, Daniel Montgomery and Joyce Eng: See our video slugfest above or listen to the audio podcast below.

Daniel points to Michelle Dockery (“Godless”), who is ranked in fourth place by our Experts in the race for Best Actress in a TV Movie/Mini: “She’s a three-time nominee for ‘Downton Abbey.’ I think ‘Godless’ is the closest contender to beat ‘Versace’ for Best Limited Series.”

Paul cites Allison Janney (“Mom”), who’s in third place for Best Comedy Actress. “Janney, coming off that Oscar, is really red-hot right now,” he notes. Paul also believes Ted Danson (“The Good Place”) could pull off a surprise for Best Comedy Actor over frontrunners Donald Glover (“Atlanta”) and Bill Hader (“Barry”).

“Ted Danson is also nominated for ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ for playing hopefully a comic version of himself, so he’s on the voters’ radar twice,” Paul adds. “And he’s campaigning.”

Chris and Tom agree that Antonio Banderas (“Genius: Picasso”) could take down Darren Criss (“Versace”) for Best Actor in a TV Movie/Mini. On one hand Banderas is a celebrated film star slumming it in the TV biz – that’s always a big plus at the Emmys – and “Antonio gives one of those transformative performances” that reflect profound physical changes, Chris notes. “Here we get to see him over decades, from middle age to very elderly.”

“I think we should watch out for Regina King (‘Seven Seconds’) in movie/limited series,” warns Joyce. “This is her fourth straight nomination. Both of her wins were upsets. We know they love her. She’s just become this Emmy force the last couple years, so voters could just check her name off again.”

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