2017 Comedy Directing Emmy slugfest: Will dreaded vote-splitting lead to an ‘Atlanta’ victory?

“I think this is a no-brainer for ‘Atlanta,'” Gold Derby senior editor Rob Licuria declares in our video chat (watch above) about the Best Comedy Directing lineup at the 2017 Emmys. Joining Licuria to discuss this race in detail are fellow Gold Derby senior editors Marcus James Dixon and Matt Noble and contributing writers Charles Bright and Riley Chow. The nominees in this category are:

Donald Glover, “Atlanta” (“B.A.N.”)
Jamie Babbit, “Silicon Valley” (“Intellectual Property”)
Mike Judge, “Silicon Valley” (“Server Error”)
Morgan Sackett, “Veep” (“Blurb”)
David Mandel, “Veep” (“Groundbreaking”)
Dale Stern, “Veep” (“Justice”)

With three contenders from ‘Veep’ and two from ‘Silicon Valley,’ the odds point to an easy win for ‘Atlanta’ if vote-splitting becomes a factor in this race. “I think there will be vote-splitting so it’s probably ‘Atlanta,’” Chow notes. However, he cautions that we could see an upset. “I note that at the recent WGA Awards, they also nominated ‘Atlanta’ against double ‘Veep’ and double ‘Silicon Valley,’ and ‘Veep’ won.”

“I don’t think this is locked up and signed, sealed and delivered for ‘Atlanta’ here because ‘Veep’ has won Best Comedy Series the last two years; it’s obviously a show with a lot of love in the academy,” Noble argues.

“I actually would keep an eye out for Mike Judge,” Bright warns. “He’s a recognizable name and if that name jumps out to enough of the he could stand a chance there.”

“I love how we’re going to have a new winner here,” Dixon says. “‘Transparent’ won the last two years, ‘Modern Family’ won the previous four, so the past six years have been dominated by two shows.”

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