2017 Comedy Supporting Actress Emmy predictions slugfest: ‘SNL’ cast could split vote

“We’ve got Anna Chlumsky, who is overdue in many people’s eyes and Kate McKinnon, the big name of the group that won last year, and Judith Light, who never won for ‘Who’s the Boss?’” Gold Derby senior editor Rob Licuria summarizes during our recent webcam chat (watch above) about the Best Comedy Supporting Actress Emmy race. Joining Licuria to analyze this race in detail are Gold Derby contributing writers Charles BrightRiley Chow, Zach Laws, Tony Ruiz and Amanda Spears. The nominees in this category are:

Vanessa Bayer, “Saturday Night Live” – “Host: Dwayne Johnson”
Anna Chlumsky, “Veep” – “Groundbreaking”
Kathryn Hahn, “Transparent” – “Life Sucks and Then You Die”
Leslie Jones, “Saturday Night Live” – “Host: Tom Hanks”
Judith Light, “Transparent” – “Exciting and New”
Kate McKinnon, “Saturday Night Live” – “Host: Dave Chappelle”

“That finale for Judith Light is so spectacular,” Ruiz declares. “She’s funny, touching, she gets into it with her family, and then it’s capped by this performance piece where she does a cabaret version of Alanis Morissette’s ‘Hand in my Pocket’ and it seems odd at first and then she sells it completely.”

“Under the tape system, this is one scenario that would have helped the ‘SNL’ players,” Spears argues. “But I am going for my favorite kid star ever in my favorite kid movie, Anna Chlumsky, for not just the most well-adjusted child star, she is going to be an Emmy winner because if she can’t win under this, it’s never going to happen.”

Kate McKinnon as the winner last year should be the automatic frontrunner,” Laws argues. “But she wasn’t competing with anyone from the show last year. Now she’s got Leslie Jones and Vanessa Bayer.”  “I have Kate McKinnon winning, but I love that it’s so tough,” Bright says. “Leslie Jones is blowing up right now. She’s really establishing herself … she is just rockin’ it.” Chow is also backing McKinnon, arguing that “’Saturday Night Live’ has 22 other nominations this year, so it seems like it is bigger than ever.”

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