2017 Comedy Writing Emmy slugfest: Look out for a ‘Master of None’ repeat win

2017 Comedy Writing Emmy slugfest: Look out for a ‘Master of None’ repeat win

“This will be all about vote splitting again! Such a fascinating topic to talk about, but it’s boring me to tears already,” Gold Derby senior editor Rob Licuria jokes during our video chat (watch above) about the competitive Best Comedy Writing lineup at this year’s Emmys. Joining Licuria to analyze this race in detail are fellow Gold Derby senior editors Marcus James Dixon and Matt Noble and contributing writers Charles Bright and Riley Chow. The nominees in this category are:

Donald Glover, “Atlanta” (“B.A.N.”)
Stephen Glover, “Atlanta” (“Streets on Lock”)
Aziz Ansari and Lena Waithe, “Master of None” (“Thanksgiving”)
Alec Berg, “Silicon Valley” (“Success Failure”)
Billy Kimball, “Veep” (“Georgia”)
David Mandel, “Veep” (“Groundbreaking”)

“Yes Rob, vote splitting is boring, but it’s also really important, too,” Dixon responds. “Just look at last year. ‘Veep’ had two nominations, ‘Silicon Valley’ had two nominations, and ‘Master of None’ won, which had one, along with ‘Catastrophe,’ which I don’t know if it was ever really a factor.”

“There’s a lot of love for ‘Atlanta’ and the ‘B.A.N.’ episode in particular,” Bright argues. “It seems where you have people starring in shows that are also writing and directing them, writing is often the category where that win will come to fruition. We saw it with Louis C.K., we saw it last year with Aziz Ansari.” Noble agrees, adding, “We see in these writing races these comedic strong voices, like Louis C.K., like Aziz Ansari, you go back to Jerry Seinfeld, struggle to win Emmys, but in writing it’s where they’re respected. It’s the branch that embraces these voices.”

Chow notes however that Ansari and Waithe may not be as strong as we think. “‘Master of None’ could only get one episode nominated, even though it submitted two. Both ‘Veep’ and ‘Atlanta’ got both submissions in. ‘Silicon Valley’ did something interesting, for the first time ever they only submitted one episode, as before they had always gone strategically with two episodes.”

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